302 Blast Beer Pipeline Cleaner x 5 ltr

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Beer Pump/Pipeline Cleaner

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Blast Beer Pipeline Cleaner x 5 ltr

A beer pump and pipeline cleaner that kills bacteria and yeasts, ensuring that beer stays in top condition. A powerful, colourless, odourless blend of caustic soda and sequestrants designed to clean beer pumps and pipelines quickly and efficiently. Cleans and sterilises all plastic and stainless steel; beer pumps, pipelines and tanks within the brewing industry. Extensively used in pubs, clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and bars to ensure that the quality of beer is maintained.


  • Appearance: Colourless
  • Odour: Barely perceptible odour
  • Solubility: Soluble
  • PH Value Cons: 12.5 - 13
  • PH Value Diluted: 1.2 - 1.3


Store in closed Original container at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C

Health & Safety Information:

Skin contact: Remove all contaminated clothes and footwear immediately unless stuck to skin. Drench the affected skin with running water for 10 minutes or longer if substance is still on skin. Transfer to hospital if there are burns or symptoms of poisoning.

Eye contact: Bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes. Transfer to hospital for specialist examination.

Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Give 1 cup of water to drink ever 10 minutes. If unconscious check for breathing and apply artificial respiration if necessary. If unconscious and breathing is okay place in the recovery position. Transfer to hospital as soon as possible.

PPE Required:

Eye goggles and gloves.

Product Specification
BrandClover (Christeyns)
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