Steam Cleaners

Using a steam cleaner eliminates the need to purchase chemicals for dirt, grime and grease removal. This results in lower expenses since only water and electricity are necessary for operation. Ultimately, the cleaner should be self-sustaining due to the money saved from omitting chemical purchases.

Steam cleaners are highly versatile and capable of cleaning virtually any surface better than a regular vacuum. However, they should not be utilized when cleaning carpets as carpet-cleaning requires water along with a cleaning solution, not just steam and air as in the case of a steam cleaner. This tool is also great for glass surfaces being able to leave them dry and free of streaks.

This method harnesses the heat to break apart fibres in dirt and grime, thus making it easier to clean off with a cloth or attachment.

The user simply pours water into a steam reservoir and it is fed into the boiler, where it is rapidly heated to create steam of up to 360 deg F. The steam is then released from an interchangeable nozzle onto any surface that needs cleaning.

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