Stubborn marks and deterioration of frequently used flooring can be trying, especially when you are uncertain how to eradicate them. But luckily, there are specialised floor cleaning products specifically designed to take care of this problem, with customised solutions that include chemicals, polishers and cleaning applicators to efficiently tackle both commercial and residential clean-ups.

Capital Cleaning Supplies has an extensive selection of items designed to maintain the highest level of cleanliness on shop, restaurant, or office floors. We provide everything necessary for floor maintenance, from edging tools for a finished look through to specialist formula cleaners for difficult stains. Take a look at our range of floor cleaning products below.

We offer a vast selection of floor cleaning items and supplies, from mops, sweepers and brooms for general upkeep to detergents, waxes, and polishes to maintain the optimal appearance of your floors.

We offer a variety of replacement products, from broom heads and floor pads to mops and buckets. We stock several well-known brands, including Diversey's Carefree range and 3M high performance floor pads.

If you're eager to get things done quickly, browse our selection of cleaning machines which includes vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, pressure washers and scrubber dryers!

Reach out to our sales team now to get a quote on leasing floor cleaning machines!