471 LED3065 Laundry Enzyme Destainer x 20 ltr

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Enzyme based laundry destainer solution that helps remove a variety of stains from clothing including protein stains, milk, blood, egg yolk, grass and more.

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This destainer solution uses a enzyme based formula to tackle stains that are slightly tougher than normal stains. Suitable for use with automatic dispensing systems by adding the destainer with the laundry detergent during a main wash.

Acts on greasy/fatty stains, protein stains, milk, blodd, egg yolk, grass, cocoa and starch based stains.

LED3065 is made from a stabilised formula but will need to be diluted to work more efficiently which will naturally occur when added to a washing machine.

Machine Use: Add to the main wash with detergent at a rate of 4 ml per Kg of wash load. Wash at 30 to 65 degrees.

Pre-Soak: Add to warm water (30 to 40 degrees) and soak the fabric for 1 hour then wash the fabric normally.

Only use this destainer on water washable fabrics.

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BrandClover (Christeyns)
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