Bleach Disinfectant & Cleaning Tablets x 200

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 Bleach Tablets x 200 Chlorine tablets, dilute in water for economical bleach solution.

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Ideal for Water Purification, Food Surfaces, Salad Wash, Washrooms, Equipment Disinfection, Vending Equipment, Floors & Tiles, Mop Soaking and Bleaching.

Greyland Effervescent Disinfectant & Cleaning Tablets are an NaDCC based disinfectant tablet formulated to be effective against MRSA, Viruses, C Difficile, algae, fungi, and all food poisoning bacteria.
Suitable for general purpose sanitising, deodorising and disinfecting of most non-porous hard surfaces. Each tablet releases a minimum of 1,000ppm of available chlorine per litre of water. 
Conforms to BSEN1276 with just 1 tablet per 5L (200ppm) with a 5 minute contact time.
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