Pressure washers offer an efficient way to quickly clean cars, boats, outdoor furniture, patios and more. An assortment of accessories are available for special uses such as eradicating moss, unblocking drains, blast-cleaning and tank cleaning. Similar to any home application, a pressure washer is invaluable within this industrial and commercial setting. In conclusion, regardless of your profession or lifestyle - a good quality pressure washer will make cleaning that much simpler!

How Do They Work?

Pressure washers are connected to a water source and driven by a powerful motor, which increases the pressure of the output far greater than a normal garden hose. Not only is this extremely efficient but it is also great for the environment, since they use significantly less water than your average garden hose. A conventional hose typically consumes around 3500 litres an hour with only 4 bar pressure - Karcher models only use 400 litres per hour at 100 bar! Conserving our most vital natural resource with a money-saving device? What's not to love?!

Electric models will plug into a normal socket, however petrol and diesel powered machines are an option in situations where portability and access to electricity is a problem.


Karcher produce an expansive selection of pressure washers across the globe. Motor size, water flow and pump pressure are the key variations between them. When evaluating the possibilities, it is also worth considering factors such as hose quality and length, plus accompanying accessories like brushes, nozzles, trolleys and detergents.


This is an intricate question to answer, as individual requirements differ, yet when buying any capital item, it is practical to purchase the highest-quality available for you. Aside from your budget, portability should be factored in too. Generally, more power grants more reliable performance and better results. It's wise to cut no corners here – buy a model that exceeds what you think your needs may be rather than a device that could potentially become strained with overuse. Fortunately, most high-end machines come with adjustable pressure settings to better cater to various tasks. If the new machine is meant to make life easier – investing a few extra pounds can turn out invaluable.


When choosing a pressure washer, there is often not much difference between the higher-end domestic pressure washers and the industrial variety. However, industrial models are built with better quality components such as brass cylinder heads, stainless steel pistons and more robust hoses and trigger assemblies. This in turn increases their life expectancy and enables them to withstand prolonged use. Therefore, if you plan to use your pressure washer for more than 100 hours annually (around 2 hours per week) it would be worth investing in an industrial model. It's beneficial to focus on purchasing a basic industrial model that can handle long-term usage over one chock full of accessories that may not hold up under regular wear and tear.


Both types of machines operate on a similar concept; steam cleaners will separate the water from an additional burner, usually fired by diesel, and heat it up to 140 degrees Celcius. This makes them ideal for removing grease and oil. The hot steam increases cleaning performance significantly, as well as providing sanitization which is essential in many hygiene-critical situations. For household cleaning purposes, cold water machines are sufficient.

Many people are uncertain about 'dry' steam cleaners, which work on another concept and don't have a perpetual water supply. You can get more data on these steamers here.

Which variable is more significant when it comes to machines: flow or pressure?

Generally, it is not significantly important for customers who are looking to use a pressure washer for a variety of tasks - such as car washing, patio cleaning, and general household use - which has higher pressure or higher water flow. On standard machines, there is usually some give-and-take between one or the another. For very specific industrial tasks though, the ratio ought to be taken into account. To compare performance on different machines, motor size (in KW) can be used as an indicator. Additionally, one can obtain a "work" value by multiplying PSI (pounds per square inch) by LPM (litres per minute). For instance, if operating at 1500 PSI and 10 LPM then work value will be 15000 (1500 x 10), while at 1300 PSI and 16 LPM the work value will be 20800 (1300 x 16).

The flow rate or LPM impacts how long it takes to clean something. A higher flow rate is usually achieved with a more robust motor, thus reducing the cleaning duration. Pressure (in PSI) works by generating enough force to break the material bond with the surface

Is it possible to up the PSI of my pressure washer? I'm wondering if I can increase the pressure.

The 'PSI' measurement of power can't be altered; it's a measure of the total force of the water over a single square inch. One way to increase its effective pressure is to reduce the water stream down to a fine pencil jet. This technique is employed in Dirtblaster nozzles, which further enhance the coverage by creating a rotating jet.

What Is An Induction Motor

Our pressure washers feature superior induction motors which are more dependable than brush type motors, thus providing a longer service life. Brush type motors featured by other makes of pressure washers are not as tough and tend to require more frequent repair or replacement.


No additional accessories are necessary, as all Karcher machines come ready to use. However, they do make certain tasks quicker and simpler – a car wash brush can be especially helpful for removing any road grime or heavily encrusted parts such as wheel arches or alloy wheels. The high-pressure 'Dirtblaster' nozzle is another popular accessory used mainly for patio and brick surfaces. And if you need drain cleaning or sand blasting, these kits are also available separately when ordering your machine, or can be requested at a later stage. Some models include these add-ons as standard; for others, you'll need to get them separately.


Pressure washers feature various proprietary chemicals to boost cleaning efficiency. They use one of two approaches incorporating detergent: basic models often have a bottle that can be connected to the lance, which employs the 'venturi' effect; other versions come with an integrated tank. Industrial machines have brass pumps and so are suitable for caustic traffic film remover, though all models work just fine with general wash and wax-type products. For extremely stained areas, you should pre-spray the surface and give the product time to take hold before rinsing off with a washer.


Pressure washers are generally efficient, so low water pressure is rarely an issue. As a general rule of thumb, you can work out your required flow rate by adding 10% to the machine's capacity. For instance, if the machine has a rating of 500 litres per hour, you need a minimum of 550 litres per hour. If you're worried about your tap's water pressure, be sure to check that it can fill a ten litre bucket within one minute (10 litres per minute x 60 = 600 litres per hour). If you cannot achieve this rate, you may have to consider opting for a lower-rated machine or an alternative water source such as a float system in a water butt. When the machine starts 'hunting' it's likely to be an indication that there is not enough flow from the water supply or that there is an obstruction in its hose.


Pressure washers can draw water through the intake hose if the water supply is above ground level, though it's not recommended for long periods of use due to extra strain imposed on the motor. Moreover, care must be taken to prevent running the machine dry once all available water has been used. Usually machines with a flow rate of 500 litres an hour are not run continuously and therefore consume less than that amount. While using an alternative water supply take measures to prevent contaminants entering the pump through employing a suitable filter.

If I purchase a high-powered pressure washer, could this have an adverse effect on my car?

Providing you exercise caution, older cars with paintwork that is beginning to flake should be safe from harm. Normal pressure washers do emit a powerful jet of water; however, it is unlikely to cause any damage when used in an appropriate manner.

What benefits can I get from purchasing a Karcher model from Capital Cleaning Supplies?

Karcher are the foremost manufacturer of pressure washers in the world, renowned for their German engineering and impressive track record in terms of design and efficiency. As part of their authorised UK distributors, we at Capital focus purely on supplying this type of equipment; since 1991 we've been providing our services to both domestic and corporate customers globally. Despite the numerous suppliers available, very few have adequate expertise with this kind of machinery; electrical retailers may offer extensive product knowledge but lack experience in practical usage or technical understanding for individual models. That's why we can guarantee excellence - as one of Karcher's most esteemed national dealers, we provide high-end products, competitive prices and unparalleled support!

Is it possible to get a better price on these machines elsewhere?

We confidently assert that you can receive the best value for money when shopping at Capital Cleaning Supplies. We regularly review our competitors' prices and if, within seven days of your purchase, you find the same pressure washer offered at a lower price elsewhere, we will gladly reimburse you the difference.

We've been successful in establishing ourselves as a leading UK supplier, allowing us to get good deals on stock from our suppliers. With high sales volumes, we can easily pass the savings to our customers and provide great customer service. In addition to this, we mostly keep items in our own stockholding rather than having them supplied by manufacturers; this gives us control over the price and reliability of delivery, as well as giving customers extra benefits. Furthermore, we are an authorised service agent for Karcher equipment, with a dedicated service department and an extensive range of domestic and commercial machines available in the UK.


Pressure washers don't last forever, but we are here to help you keep your machine in the best shape possible for many years. We hope to grow our business through satisfied customers recommending us to their friends and family, as our customers are essential to our success. Even after the warranty has expired, you can depend on technical backup and support from us at any given time throughout the life of your machine.

At Austin Supplies, our decision to provide genuine Karcher pressure washers has been based on their renowned reliability and status in the market. There are plenty of service dealers nationwide, and Karcher spares are obtainable. Domestic machines can be sent to ourselves or any other approved repair centre, whilst an on-site service is provided for industrial models. All come with a 12 month warranty, plus free telephone support services are available whenever you need them.

We don't think there's another distributor or retailer that can match our level of support.

If I'm not completely pleased with my purchase, what should I do?

Capital Cleaning Supplies offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all domestic pressure washers. If you are not happy with the item, simply return it in its original packaging for a refund.

Do you offer pre-owned pressure washers?

We often have reconditioned and ex-display machines at a bargain price. These machines may have been used in our showroom, had minor faults that we've now fixed, or were returned as unwanted gifts. All of them have been inspected and are of good quality, with 3 months warranty. Some models come with additional accessories, which we will list; otherwise it will just include the basic machine with hose and lance. And as with all domestic equipment sold by us, there is a 7-day money back guarantee on the reconditioned pressure washers.

Do you offer any other types of machines that are specialized?

We have a broad selection of specialized gear, including self-contained trailer mounted systems and static and zone 10 units for explosive hazards. If you require more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


It is important to consult the instructions before you start using the product. Make sure to take a look at the guide and understand the information before you put it into action.

Before using, ensure that the inlet filter is clear of dirt or debris. Attach the water supply hose and activate the trigger to let water run through your pressure washer before linking it to the power source.

Unless taking water from an open source like a water barrel, make sure to have at least 25 feet (of 0.5 inch in diameter) of uncoiled rigid hose between your tap and unit. Utilize a one-way valve at the tap end of your hose so the pump could be relieved from pressure when the appliance 'auto-stops'. Instead of 'layflat' hose, which can collapse and choke off your water supply, go for a more solid option.

Once you have shut down the device, press the trigger to eliminate any extra pressure.

When safeguarding your equipment, make sure to avoid frost damage and prevent any snags in the hose by coiling it neatly.

When using an electrical extension lead, it must be at least 13 amps. To ensure your lead is suitable for the job, thicker cable may be required if the length is extended - it would be sensible to check this with a qualified electrician if you have doubts. Remember to uncoil an extension lead before using your pressure washer.

Only employ the chemicals endorsed by Capital Cleaning Supplies when using your machine. Utilizing aggressive or damaging substances may make the warranty invalid.

To ensure the machine is thoroughly cleaned, it's essential to flush out any residual chemicals with new water.

If you need more advice or wish to place an order by phone, simply reach out!

It is easy to get in contact with us. Our customer service team, which has a wealth of experience, is on hand to answer your queries and take orders over the phone at 0800 9154154 from 9am - 5:30pm on weekdays (except bank holidays). Additionally, you can pay a visit to our showroom situated at Unit Capital Cleaning Supplies (Kent) Ltd, Paragon House, St Michaels Close, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7BU.