Do dry-steam cleaners really have the ability to clean carpets?

One of the most commonly inquired questions about steam cleaners is whether they are effective. The answer, however, is not straightforward and requires further explanation.

Dry steam cleaners are a relatively new concept, but they bring great benefits to any cleaning routine, domestic or corporate. Despite this, there has been some confusion due to certain suppliers claiming that their dry steamers can 'clean carpets'. Sadly, this has led to some buyers being left disappointed, making them believe that they had been misinformed - and were they?

The first point to clarify is that the majority of dry steam cleaners utilise the same methodology at comparable temperatures. Variations amongst them are observed in the steam pressure, water capacity, power and quality of their heating elements, control of output and scope and quality of accessories available. When choosing one, it is important to also consider the supplier's reputation, as well as their availability of spare parts, consumables and product support.

You must grasp how these machines work in order to comprehend the divergence between cleaning hard, non-permeable surfaces (tiles, bathroom fixtures, vinyl floors, kitchen equipments and so on) and rug fibers. Essentially, the major discrepancy is that on hard surfaces the dust doesn't seep into the area. Hence, after the steam has eased the dirt make off, it can be removed easily with terry cloths when vapor changes back to water. Nevertheless, while dealing with carpets, the dirt sinks deep along with fibres and even though the steam may well lessen superficial soilage, these appliances won't have any capacity to draw out this entrenched dirt from its core.

Dedicated carpet cleaning machines use a larger amount of water for flushing out dirt, followed by a powerful vacuum extraction process. In essence, this type of cleaner removes the surface dirt and the carpets may appear to be clean temporarily. Nonetheless, any dirt left will 'wick' back up the fibres, leading to it becoming dirty again soon afterwards. You may have come across people saying that carpets look dirtier faster after they've been cleaned; however this usually means that it wasn't cleaned correctly in the first place.

Before we move on from steam cleaners and carpets, it's important to note a few benefits of using them. Dry steam cleaners provide high temperatures that can help reduce dust mites in carpets and bedding, as well as household allergens. They can also tackle smaller stains and spills, while killing bacteria and odours. Moreover, they are useful for removing creases and smells from curtains and clothing. Despite these advantages, we don't think this is enough to warrant buying purely for deep cleaning of carpets.

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