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The Valet Back Pack, now in a new Eco model!

This machine is ideal for demanding environments such as theaters, buses and trains, as it offers radically improved productivity, long-term user-comfort and ease of use. The productivity benefits of using a backpack can also be appreciated in many other environments such as shops, hotels and offices. One factor that really sets the new Valet Back Pack apart from other backpack vacuums is its outstanding value. The price of the machine is no longer the factor it used to be when making the choice between high-productivity backpack and a tub vacuum. Weighing less than 5kg, the Valet Back Pack features adjustable straps and harnesses as well as an ergonomic back support to ensure users remain 100% comfortable even during long shifts. The curved and ventilated back support holds the backpack securely away from the user's back. This ensures there is a good gap between the machine and user's back to help keep the user cool at all times. The curved shape of the pack and harness also ensures the light weight of the machine is spread evenly for assured, long-term comfort.

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