Vectair Prozone Ozone Generator (Non-Programmable)

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Non-programmable ozone generator from Vectair.

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Prozone is an automatic ozone generator and odour neutraliser designed to eliminate unpleasant smells and kill up to 99.5% of airborne viruses in a variety of locations. The Prozone unit contains a metal plate that produces an electric current which destroys harmful micro-organisms that pass through as well as breaking down odour causing compounds, leaving nothing but ozone that's not only clean but free of smells too.

The standard unit has become a 24/7 operational unit whilst retaining all of the original features including: Adjustable output of O3 from 2mg / hr up to 80 mg/hr enables a single Prozone unit to treat rooms from 10m3 up to 150m3. Can reduce bacteria levels by up to 99.5%!. Flexible use of the unit as a portable unit or fixed installation. Modular fan & ceramic plate are easy and low cost to service.

The Prozone unit is available in a programmable and non-programmable version. This one is non-programmable.


  • Dimensions: 210mm(h) x 135mm(w) x 85mm(d)
  • Capacity: Adjustable ozone production to match room sizes up to 150m³
  • Operation: Mains operated, fixed or portable application
  • Voltage: 85v-264V. 50/60 Hz
  • Fuse rating: 5A
  • Power rating: 12 watts
  • Ozone production: 2mg/hr (MIN) 15mg/hr (LOW) 40mg/hr (MED) 80mg/hr (HIGH)


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